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Car Accidents Archives

New law proposes to curb phone distraction

In order to drive safely in Marietta, drivers should ensure that they are paying attention to the road at all times. However, many people are easily distracted, particularly by their cell phones. Distracted driving can lead to serious accidents and it is a problem that is preventable.

Georgia is among the worst states for traffic deaths

A fatal car accident in Marietta can be devastating. Families of those killed in motor vehicle crashes are often left in deep emotional turmoil, wondering if the crash could have been prevented. Many also find themselves struggling financially after the crash.

Some blame smartphones and millennials for rise in traffic deaths

Getting behind the wheel of a car in Marietta is always a risky proposition. However, the statistics are in for 2016 and it appears that driving today is becoming riskier. According to Consumer Affairs, the number of traffic deaths across the country have risen nearly 14 percent over the last two years. This coincides with the widespread use of smartphones, some point out.

Study finds traffic deaths decrease with legal medical marijuana

There has been much debate in recent years over the legalization of marijuana. A few states and cities have chosen to allow public use of the drug or have decriminalized its possession. Even more have acknowledged its value in treating certain medical conditions. In fact, Reuters reports that medical marijuana first became legal in 1996 and that it has subsequently been legalized in 28 states.

Car makers using new technologies to reduce rear-end collisions

Getting hit from behind by a careless driver in Marietta can be an unpleasant experience. In addition to damage to the vehicles, head and neck injuries from rear-end collisions are likely to occur and can even be quite serious. Unfortunately, these types of accidents are commonplace. According to Safe Braking, rear-end collisions account for 28 percent of all accidents. Therefore, car manufacturers are looking for ways to decrease the number of these types of crashes.

What are Georgia’s laws regarding child car seats?

No one wants to be in a car accident in Marietta but if you are, you want every person riding in the car to be as safe as possible. Children are especially vulnerable given their size and weight and therefore every state has its own laws regarding how child passengers need to be restrained. Knowing what the law says is crucial in keeping your child safe in the event that an accident does occur.

Proposed guidelines on distracted driving met with opposition

Being injured in a car accident in Georgia caused by a distracted driver can be devastating. Based on the statistics, this problem is becoming all too common. According to, distracted driving contributes to roughly 431,000 accident injuries annually and more than 3,100 fatalities.

Why Thanksgiving is the deadliest holiday for drivers

Thanksgiving Day is usually a time for celebration, as across New Jersey family and friends gather together to give thanks and share a tasty meal. However, it also ranks as the number one holiday in the United States for deadly car accidents and there a number of reasons that contribute to why this may be.

How will self-driving cars be regulated for safety?

Like many people, you are probably aware that self-driving cars are being developed and will likely be seen on Georgia’s roads in the very near future. However, you may have some questions and concerns about just how safe these cars will be and what kind of safety testing will be required of them.

Deadly wrong-way crash shuts down major highway

Being in a serious accident is a concern faced by many Marietta drivers. One of the biggest dangers occurs when people drive while fatigued. Multiple studies have shown that fatigued driving can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. The National Sleep Foundation states that in one national poll, the number of people who admitted to driving when they were in a drowsy state was 168 million people or 60 percent. When a fatigued driver causes an accident, the results can be fatal.

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