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Did An Automobile Defect Cause Injury Or Fail To Protect You?

Our Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers In Georgia Can Help You Today

Defective auto parts are culprits in serious car and truck wrecks every year. Every car company and parts manufacturer has had to recall products and settle injury claims with victims and families.

It’s not just ignition defects and exploding tires that cause auto wrecks and injuries. Other types of auto defects include:

  • Faulty brakes
  • Air bags that fail to deploy
  • Seat belts that fail
  • Car batteries that cause fires
  • Child safety seats that cause injuries
  • Windshields and windows that do not break as designed and cause preventable injuries

The serious injury that you have suffered from an automotive defect was likely preventable, and you may deserve compensation for a parts manufacturer’s or retailer’s negligence.

Independent Investigation Of Your Claim

The manufacturer may feed you their own explanation of your accident cause. The police report might come to another conclusion. Your insurance company will have its own evaluation of the accident.

To truly understand the cause(s) of your accident and your full legal options in Georgia, an attorney familiar with personal injury law and the specific issues in automotive defect cases is a tremendous asset. With our help, your claim will not be minimized, and your rights will be protected.

Committed To Your Maximum Recovery Compensation

At Sams, Larkin & Huff, LLP, our Georgia-based attorneys will vigorously pursue the maximum compensation that you deserve and independently investigate your case. Some of our attorneys are former insurance defense attorneys who know the strategies and tactics that well-financed corporate attorneys will use to diminish your case.

We counter the tactics of corporate lawyers and insurance companies. We have decades of experience representing plaintiffs exclusively and fighting for the best interests of accident victims.

We handle serious injury and wrongful death cases with care and compassion. We are committed to securing your best possible outcome for the long term.

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