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Proven Advocacy For Victims Of Dog Bites

Vicious dog attacks come from dogs, both large and small. No matter what type of dog bite injury you or your child has suffered, you may deserve injury compensation to help with recovery costs and long-term consequences of an attack. The personal injury lawyers of Sams, Larkin & Huff, LLP, take cases throughout metro Atlanta and surrounding North Georgia.

Pursuing the compensation you deserve for a dog bite injury involves the dog owner’s homeowners insurance or renters insurance. If a dog owner says that he or she doesn’t have insurance to cover your injury, it’s likely not true. We don’t let dog owners get away with denying responsibility, and we don’t let insurance companies off the hook with less than adequate compensation settlements.

Securing Maximum Compensation In Georgia

Dog bite laws in Georgia assume that most dogs are harmless, placing the burden of proof in a liability case on the victim. Strict liability against dog owners doesn’t exist unless the dog has been classified as a “dangerous dog” – one that has attacked or bitten a person before. Even then, however, a dog owner may defend himself or herself by stating that the plaintiff willingly assumed the risk of interacting with the dog.

It is critical that you get an experienced lawyer who is up to the task of proving that the dog was vicious or dangerous and that the owner knew or should have known of the dog’s vicious or dangerous nature.

Proving the dog owner’s liability requires independent investigation and consultation with canine behavior experts. We need evidence and expert witness testimony to maximize the compensation that you or your child needs for recovery, and we will get it if we determine that you have a case.

You deserve to be compensated for treatment of bite wounds and any lasting effects, such as infections or scarring. Many of our clients who have been attacked by a dog also suffer psychological injuries. Just the mention of a dog can bring back traumatic memories and painful feelings. That emotional trauma is compensable too, including the costs of therapy.

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