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Georgia Construction Litigation Lawyers

The construction litigation practice at Sams, Larkin & Huff, LLP, meets the needs of developers, contractors, small businesses and homeowners involved in disputes over the quality, expense or timeliness of new construction or remodeling work. To learn how our experience can help you resolve or avoid construction litigation, contact one of our lawyers in Marietta.

Advice About Construction Litigation And Arbitration

Our goal for all of our construction clients is to deliver sophisticated and effective client service in a personal, small-firm atmosphere.

In the context of litigation, that means advising you about the full range of your opportunities and risks, identifying a range of options, giving you a good idea of the expense and time involved with any of your practical alternatives, and keeping you fully informed of our progress toward meeting your goals.

Several of our attorneys have decades of experience with the resolution of construction disputes both in and out of court. Examples of the kinds of litigation we can handle include:

  • Construction defects and warranty claims
  • Contract disputes between contractors and developers, subcontractors and general contractors, developers and lenders, or remodelers and homeowners
  • Enforcement of mechanic’s liens
  • Adversarial proceedings before local agencies for building permits, zoning variances or land use conditions
  • Insurance litigation involving payment or performance under construction contracts

In recent years, arbitration clauses have become standard in construction contracts of all kinds. Many of our clients find that the streamlined dispute resolution procedure of arbitration saves them time and money while making it easier to find grounds for compromise and settlement. Our experience with construction arbitration can help you take full advantage of its benefits.

To learn more about our experience with construction litigation in commercial and residential situations, contact a lawyer at Sams, Larkin & Huff, LLP, in Marietta at 770-884-4819.