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Legal Support For Businesses In Permits, Zoning And Development

Governmental relations are at the heart of our business law and land use practices. Every business will encounter complicated government regulations concerning zoning, permits and, perhaps, contracts. From City Hall to the “gold dome,” our attorneys can help you work with government officials and agencies to find efficiencies in the planning, approval and development processes.

At Sams, Larkin & Huff, LLP, we focus on local real estate, commercial development and land use, covering all issues from taxes and licensing to contracts and agreements. When you bring your legal issues to our law firm, we can help you avoid application and permit errors, missteps with government agencies, protracted conflicts with opposing interests, and missed opportunities for support.

Local Governmental Relations And Statewide Impact

Our team of experienced lawyers works with all types of industries. We recently helped a major professional sports franchise in Georgia achieve approval for construction of a $1 billion-plus stadium and mixed-use development project in Cobb County.

Having served the objectives of both public and private entities, we understand the inner workings of each, and our governmental relations and zoning team can help you effectively achieve your regulatory requirements, public policy initiatives and goals in residential, commercial and mixed-use projects. We have experience with all facets of land use and permitting, including planned unit developments, surveys and platting, zoning changes, variances and conditional use permits, ordinance interpretations, ordinance violations, obtaining or transferring liquor licenses, and property condemnation through eminent domain.

Shepherding Your Project Or Permit

When it comes to business and zoning permits, things can get complicated quickly. You don’t have to lose sight of your goals just because of some confusing laws. Our attorneys have extensive experience in these matters, and we are prepared to help you get the best possible outcome in your needs.

For more information about our land use, entitlement and regulatory practice in metro Atlanta, please call 770-884-4819 or email us today to schedule a meeting with an attorney.