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Teen passengers raise accident risks for teen drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Georgia’s teenage drivers often enjoy the freedom and excitement of hitting the road with friends, but this practice is often dangerous. Having teen passengers in the car significantly increases the risks associated with teen driving.

The more teenage passengers a teen motorist has in the car, the more risks the driver faces due to their presence.

Why teen passengers pose a threat to teen drivers

Novice drivers are more prone to making errors in judgment and reacting inadequately to unexpected situations. The presence of peers can further distract them from focusing on the road and their surroundings. Teen passengers may also exert peer pressure on the driver, encouraging risky behaviors like speeding or texting while driving. Additionally, the conversations, laughter and overall excitement of having friends in the car may prove distracting, diverting the driver’s attention from the road.

When teens drive with teen passengers, there is also a frequent lack of adult supervision. Without an experienced adult in the car, there is no one to provide guidance or intervene in case of reckless driving. This absence of supervision can lead to more dangerous driving behaviors.

How teen passengers affect injury, fatality rates

Per Teen Driver Source, 56% of teenage passenger deaths in the United States occur in crashes involving teenage drivers. Research shows that teen drivers with teen passengers face a significantly higher risk of involvement in accidents.

To help reduce the number of teen-related accidents, Georgia implemented a Graduated Driver Licensing program. This program is a three-step process that helps teens get more experience driving and includes restrictions on the number of passengers teen drivers can have in the car during their initial stages of licensure.

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