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Construction companies in Georgia must carry workers’ compensation insurance, but some subcontractors may not hold the insurance coverage necessary to cover your injury costs. If you are a subcontractor who was injured on a work site, you may be able to secure benefits through the general contractor.

In any case, you should seek consultation with an experienced construction accident injury lawyer who also has significant trial experience if you have been injured on the job.

At Sams, Larkin & Huff, LLP, we will help you determine if you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits and will fully evaluate your case to determine if a third party may have been responsible for your injury.

Possible third-party claims may include:

  • A vehicle or machinery accident
  • Defective equipment, tools or other products
  • An accident caused by a delivery company or other outside service provider
  • A fall from faulty scaffolding
  • Injury caused by anyone other than a co-worker or your employer

Other types of injuries that might qualify for workers’ compensation benefits include:

  • Ladder fall injuries
  • Trench collapse injuries
  • Falling object injuries
  • Crane, bulldozer or other heavy equipment injuries
  • Roof or floor collapse injuries

Our construction accident attorneys based in Marietta serve injured construction workers from throughout Georgia, but we have a strong history of success in the Atlanta area.

We will seek all available avenues for compensation in your unique case, independently evaluate your claim, help ensure that you may see your preferred doctor and work to maximize your compensation while you focus on recovery.

Our goal is to help you secure compensation that will fully cover your injury costs, including lost wages, as well as compensation for any long-term costs you might suffer.

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