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Experienced Lawyers For Injured Pedestrians And Bicycle Riders

With little protection against oncoming cars and trucks, people on foot or on bikes are just a step away from catastrophic injury or death. At Sams, Larkin & Huff, LLP, victims of pedestrian and bike accident victims are near and dear to our hearts. We hold negligent drivers accountable for striking pedestrians and cyclists.

Our Georgia-based injury lawyers have been representing the rights and interests of accident victims for decades. As former insurance defense lawyers, they know what tactics will be used by insurance companies to minimize our clients’ injury and property damage claims. We won’t stand for it. We will fight for your maximum compensation.

You likely have several options for recovery of compensation if you have been injured while walking across the street or riding your bike. Don’t let any insurance company tell you otherwise, and call us before making any statements on the record.

Were You Hit By A Negligent Driver?

In many cases, motor vehicle drivers have not maliciously injured pedestrian and cycling victims, but they have acted negligently, causing a serious accident and serious injury. In some cases, pedestrians’ right-of-way or cyclists’ road rights have not been respected, and punitive damages might be available if we can prove reckless driving or malicious intent.

We will pursue full damages on your behalf, including

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitation
  • Long-term care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement
  • Property damages (e.g., your bike and gear)
  • Potential punitive damages
  • Other

Injuries occur not only on roads and from moving cars. People are often injured while walking through parking lots, and a common bike accident involves being “doored” by a negligent vehicle driver opening his or her door into a biker’s path while the car is parked on the side of the road.

Call us for dedicated and aggressive legal representation.

  • You have been injured when a car failed to yield
  • You have been injured in a crosswalk accident
  • You have been injured anywhere in the Atlanta metro area by a negligent driver

Get A Free Initial Consultation With A Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Please call us at 770-884-4819, or email us to schedule a meeting. We handle all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, and we charge no fees in representing your property damage claim.