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What types of cars are most accident-prone?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2023 | Car Accidents |

When it comes to automobile wrecks, not all vehicles are equal. Some are more likely to be in collisions than others.

The reasons why certain types tend to create trouble are wide and varied. Understanding which ones have the highest odds of causing a crackup should help other commuters know when to drive defensively.

Sports cars

Known for their speed and agility, sports cars often top the list for triggering accidents. Sleek designs and rapid acceleration actively encourage aggressive driving behaviors. The combination of high performance and sometimes less forgiving handling can lead to dangerous situations, especially in the hands of less experienced drivers.

SUVs and pickup trucks

Although they often provide better protection for their occupants, the size and weight of pickups and SUVs pose risks to others. Their higher center of gravity often leads to rollovers if not driven carefully. Also, they have significant blind spots that make collisions with smaller cars, pedestrians and cyclists all too common.

Older vehicles

Vintage rides, particularly those without modern safety features, are more commonly the root of motor vehicle incidents. They lack advanced driver control assistance technologies that help prevent human error. Since people are driving their cars for longer than ever, this is an increasing problem. Research shows that the average age of light trucks and cars in America is 12.5 years.

Knowing which types of wheels are more predisposed to accidents helps everyone make safer roadworthy decisions. That said, much of the burden rests with their operators. Drivers of these vehicles must recognize the danger and behave on the road accordingly.

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