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What should you do following a car accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Injuries |

The moments following a car accident can feel like a blur. You may find yourself in a haze for most of the day or even for days and weeks following. However, following an accident, there are moves that you need to make to protect your health and any claim that you have.

You need to follow a few tips if you become injured in a car accident.

Seek medical attention promptly

Even if you can remove yourself from your car, you may have more severe injuries than you realize. The adrenaline after an accident may stop you from feeling the weight of all the damage. Additionally, catastrophic injuries, like traumatic brain injuries, may not manifest with symptoms for several hours or days. If you wait to seek medical attention, your injuries could worsen.

For injury claims, you also want to have a medical exam as soon as possible to prove that the injuries came from the accident.

Be wary of apologizing

Apologies can include telling the other driver you are sorry or bringing up anything that could incriminate you as the party at fault. Even if you did nothing wrong, if you say that you looked down for a moment or did not see the other vehicle, the other driver could use those words against you. Likewise, it might feel polite or reflexive to say that you are sorry, but saying that will only make it look like an admission of guilt.

Instead, try to keep your communication brief. To be polite and kind, ask if the other party requires help or if anyone in the vehicle has injuries.

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