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Can a back injury take you out of work?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2022 | Injuries |

Suffering from a back injury on the job can make it hard to get back on track. In fact, back pain actually makes up the number one cause globally for employees to miss days of work.

But a back injury can do more than just make it hard for someone to work. It can have deeply devastating consequences for workers everywhere.

Sitting out of work

Cleveland Clinic discusses the true impact of back injuries. In short, a back injury can actually render someone incapable of doing their job to the previous level. In some cases, a severe enough injury can keep someone from doing their job at all.

Of course, in these situations, it is important for the victims to get immediate medical attention and follow their doctor’s orders. In most cases, this will involve a period of rest and recovery in which the victim cannot do anything to aggravate their back.

Healing versus protecting your income

But many workers will struggle in this situation because they cannot work but they often do not have enough sick leave to take off. They end up in an uncomfortable situation where they need to choose between returning to work early and risking further injury to their back, or taking unpaid leave.

Sometimes, a back injury does enough damage that a worker can never return to their previous position. In these cases, an employer may have a case to let the worker go. Of course, this can put even more pressure on the worker, especially as medical bills continue to stack up.

It is important to note that quick medical treatment is one of the best ways to prevent long-term damage from back injuries. Other financial issues may also end up solvable with legal aid.

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