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Is this an act of manipulation against a grantor?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Wills and Probate |

Matters of the estate always cause a bit of difficulty among anyone involved. The more an estate is worth, the more potential problems may arise, too.

For example, people might want to try manipulating the grantor of the estate for various reasons. Thus, it is important for loved ones and those close to the grantor to keep an eye out for such things.

How does undue influence happen?

As Cornell Law School states, undue influence involves a manipulative act against a grantor of an estate. Specifically, two parties – the manipulator and the victim – must interact in a way that is damaging to the victim.

The manipulator may also have different goals when attempting to confuse and trick the grantor, but in many cases, it boils down to one of two aims. Either they want more of the estate for themselves after the death of the grantor, or they want more control over the estate.

They often aim to do this by either getting a position of power such as forcing the grantor to name them an executor or by tricking them into signing their legal power away. They may also trick a grantor into changing their will to favor the manipulator.

Vulnerable grantors

Anyone with a loved one who struggles with their mental faculties should keep an eye out for signs of this manipulation. Note any sudden changes to the will or estate, especially if they involve the same person. Keep an eye out for attempts at isolation, too, as the manipulator will often try to cut off other avenues of support to further their agenda.

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