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Examples of false advertising in real estate

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2022 | Real Estate |

When someone buys a property, that person expects all forthcoming information is accurate. Everything the customer learns needs to be correct, whether from a brochure or the mouth of an agent.

Unfortunately, mistakes happen. If a purchaser feels deception is present, it might trigger a real estate dispute that leads to court. Sellers need to act with diligence to avoid facing accusations of false advertising.

Age of the property

As buildings get older, they need higher levels of maintenance. Newer structures are more likely to feature innovative resiliency designs. These architectural measures keep them safe from wildfires and floods. Older ones may have roofs that need replacing. Buyers may cite the construction date as a reason for necessary repairs and upgrades. Brokers are at risk of a lawsuit if a home is older than purchasers believe during closing.

Size of the property

Listings need to quote accurate square footage and lot size numbers. Fact sheets with typos in these fields are open to interpretation as being deceitful. Guessing these figures is always a mistake. Agents should hire a professional to verify their correctness.

Condition of the property

When someone buys a piece of real estate, that individual assumes the property is habitable. Major problems, such as asbestos, faulty wiring, or busted heating systems, need disclosure. Fixing these issues is costly and may take a long time to correct. Sellers need to be honest when questions about these matters arise.

Real estate litigation is never desirable. Avoiding it requires being candid and double-checking information. Property sellers must be extra careful about what the public reads and hears.

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