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Everyone has rights after a dog bite

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2021 | Injuries |

All dog owners have rights that they can fight to protect. Many states have civil and criminal laws that are harsh against negligent owners. Protecting your rights after a dog bite in Georgia should involve knowing the law first.

Proof of liability

The first, and most important, step is to prove the liability of the dog’s owner or caretaker. The attorneys must prove the extent of your negligence and how much it contributed to a personal injury. If you kept the dog behind a locked gate, but the dog dug a burrow and escaped to attack someone, you may not be liable. If you were seen walking the dog without a leash, you are immediately responsible because of strict liability laws.

In some states, the victim is liable if he or she attacks the dog first, and the animal acts in self-defense. Overall, the outcome of the case depends on your proof of liability.

Right to an attorney

Every defendant has the right to obtain an attorney. This is highly recommended to avoid misrepresenting your case in court. People who act as their own attorneys often overlook key details of their cases. An experienced personal injury attorney has years of experience in collecting evidence, developing arguments, and winning cases for the plaintiff.

The importance of good representation

No defendant who faces a dog bite lawsuit can underestimate the importance of having legal representation. Atlanta law has several types of theories that determine liability, such as the negligence theory and the vicious animal theory. The dog owner must understand the laws in Georgia and the rights of animal owners before deciding to prove liability in court.

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