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How bicyclists can stay safe

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2021 | Injuries |

As more Georgia residents take to bicycling for exercise and transportation, their risk of injury in a bike accident increases. While they should take as many safety precautions as possible, they may not fully be able to protect themselves from the carelessness of other drivers. Nonetheless, here is what bicyclists can do to stay safe on the road.

Make sure to remain visible and wear a helmet

Many bicycle accidents happen in the evening hours because bicyclists are finished with work and going out for a ride. However, this is when there are visibility challenges for drivers, who have trouble seeing cyclists even under the best circumstances. Bicyclists should wear bright clothing or a safety vest to make themselves easy to be seen. In addition, bicyclists should always wear a helmet. Their head could end up hitting the ground or the windshield of a car, so a helmet gives them a layer of protection against personal injury.

Always observe traffic laws and safety rules

Bicyclists should be careful to follow the rules of the road, including crossing only when they are allowed and yielding the right of way as necessary. After an accident, insurance companies often try to make the accident the bicyclist’s fault to avoid paying out damages. Insurers will look for any excuse to deny a claim or reduce a recovery. Being as safe as possible will reduce the insurance company’s ability to point a finger at a bicyclist when he or she is looking for financial compensation.

Those who have been injured in a bicycle accident could file a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages if someone else was responsible for the accident. First, they would need to prove that someone else was negligent. This means showing that the other person acted unreasonably under the circumstances and that it caused the bicyclist’s injuries.

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