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Could massive touchscreens cause distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2021 | Distracted Driving, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Car buyers often feel enthusiastic about purchasing a vehicle that’s equipped with new technology. Many vehicles for sale in Georgia present tremendous advancements in safety technology. However, tech innovations focused on information and entertainment could contribute to distracted driving. A 7-inch touchscreen might draw a driver away from the directive of paying attention to the road. Soon, drivers may gain access to much larger screens. Would such new screens lead to distraction concerns?

A stunning new screen comes to the consumer auto market

Mercedes-Benz wants the consumer market to know that a 56-inch screen will be a selling point for some buyers. Mercedes-Benz isn’t the only manufacturer attempting to bring a traveling version of a home entertainment screen to a vehicle: Toyota, Ram and Tesla also promote their impressive screens and displays.

Will screens continue to become larger? Unless government regulators place limits, then manufacturers have the freedom to do what they wish. No matter how big or small the screens are, a key concern centers on their potential to distract drivers.

Distractions could lead to dangers on the road

Even a slight distraction of a mere three seconds could be enough to cause a collision. Things happen in split seconds, and attentive drivers might not be able to react in time. Someone who keeps his or her eyes on a massive screen display may experience far more than three seconds of distractions.

Directing concentration to entertainment apps on a touchscreen while trying to operate a moving vehicle could embody negligent behavior. Moving attention to an app that plays music and not on traffic lights, entrance lanes or other drivers might set a course for a crash.

Distracted driving could lead to a serious accident and subsequent personal injury suit, one that might involve wrongful death. Injured victims may want to contact an attorney about how to take civil action against a negligent driver.

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