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What do sellers have to disclose when they sell their house?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Real Estate |

To protect property buyers, sellers in Georgia have to disclose any potential issues with the property. This can range from simple issues like a missing dishwasher to a major issue like someone dying a violent death in the home. Here are some of the things that property owners have to disclose when selling their home.

Real estate law can vary across different states, but you typically have to disclose any deaths in the home. There are some exceptions: For example, some states don’t require you to disclose deaths from natural causes. But if someone died violently in the house, you’ll probably have to disclose it.

Sellers also have to disclose possible nuisances and hazards that surround the property. This can include airports, shooting ranges, landfills and anything else that could affect a buyer’s qualify of living. The seller must also disclose if the house is located in a dangerous area, like a place that experiences a lot of flooding. Some states require sellers to disclose information about the levels of radon, lead and asbestos in the house.

You might also have to disclose whether anything is missing from the home, like water heaters, furnaces, major appliances and other items that could cause an issue for the buyer. If you’re not sure what needs to be disclosed, you might want to talk to a real estate attorney before selling your property.

How do attorneys help real estate clients?

An attorney may assist with a wide range of disputes over contracts, property taxes, zoning laws, rental agreements, property insurance and other issues related to real estate. If you’re building a new property or business, an attorney may educate you about the local building codes and zoning laws.

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