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Commonly encountered problems during final walkthroughs

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Real Estate |

Closing day on your purchase of a Georgia home might not go as smoothly as many prospective buyers envision. Instead of a smooth and happy ownership transition, the final walkthrough many times turns up unpleasant surprises. Among the worst is learning the title is not free and clear of all encumbrances and needs to have some issues cleared up through a quiet title action. That might extend your actual occupancy date by several months.

Some items are not included

Real estate law does not ensure that you get all that you see when making an offer on a property. You might notice some items missing, like appliances, ceiling fans and other furnishings, that you thought were included with the sale. Maybe there was a shed or some other small outbuildings that no longer are on the property. Their sudden disappearance affirms the seller is keeping them and could be the first indication that the final walkthrough will hold unpleasant surprises.

Covenants and zoning laws affect development

You might eye a property with the notion of improving it to meet your preferences. Many properties come with hidden covenants that restrict the owner’s ability to alter it in a significant manner. Many older and more historic homes might have such hidden covenants that make it impossible to simply raze a dilapidated structure and rebuild to your tastes or even improve upon an existing structure.

Local zoning is another aspect that many prospective buyers overlook. Local zoning laws establish the community’s accepted limitations on property use, structures, setbacks and many other legally established limitations on development. Many people mistakenly think they can buy and build as they wish, but local zoning laws say otherwise.

Sudden problems arise

All properties are subject to the ongoing effects of nature and maintenance issues. A sudden storm might have blown a tree branch onto a deck overhang and damaged it or a torrential rain might have triggered flooding in the basement. What you thought was in better condition might suddenly show signs that it needs more costly work done to get into livable shape. An attorney who is experienced in residential real estate transactions can help you to better understand the issues that you are facing and how to handle them.

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