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Vital steps for car accident victims to take

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you were involved in a car accident in Georgia, you hopefully took some important steps to make the filing of a claim easier. It all starts with what steps to take immediately after the crash. One should always:

• Determine if anyone was injured.
• Call for an ambulance if anyone was hurt.
• Call the police so that everyone cooperates.
• Move the vehicles away from traffic.

Having a police officer is especially important, even when everyone cooperates, because he or she can write up a report that you and the other driver can send to your insurance companies.

Documenting the crash, exchanging information

The parties involved in the crash must exchange insurance information. Other than that, interactions with one another should be limited. You don’t want to admit fault as this can be used against you later on. Also, try obtaining the contact information of the police officer and of any eyewitnesses.

The crash should be documented as soon as possible. Write down what happened, using diagrams when necessary. Take photos of the damage and any injuries. An app from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners called WreckCheck can record the time the accident occurred and let you create written and audio records.

A lawyer to help you sort through complexities

Before you pursue a personal injury case, you want to see how your case fares under Georgia’s contributory negligence law. This may require you to see a lawyer for a case evaluation as well as advice and guidance on the case. If hired, the lawyer might bring in third parties to gather evidence against the defendant and determine the extent of your injuries. The lawyer may then be able to negotiate on your behalf for a reasonable settlement.

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