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Drugged driver sets off multi-vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2019 | Car Accidents |

People who live in Georgia have no doubt heard about the dangers of drunk driving over the years. Since the inception of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, numerous public awareness campaigns have promoted the importance of making wiser and safer choices if a person is going to consume alcohol. Sadly, plenty of people still refuse to listen to the facts and instead put their own selfish interests above the safety of others. However, it is not only the consumption of alcohol that poses this type of risk to people.

Driving under the influence of drugs can create a situation that is equally dangerous to driving under the influence of alcohol. These drugs may be illegal substances like methamphetamine or heroin, or they may be legal, prescription drugs. Either way, when a person is impaired due to the use of this type of substance, the risk of an accident can increase. reported on a recent crash in Dawson County that appears to have been caused by a drugged driver. The incident took place early on a weekday morning along a stretch of Highway 53 eastbound. The impaired driver, a woman operating a passenger vehicle, drove into the oncoming lane of traffic and first hit the side of a semi-truck. The drugged driver then proceeded to hit two other passenger vehicles.

The semi-truck turned over and this action resulted in some of the explosive materials carried by the truck being released onto the highway. Two people were treated at a hospital. It is not known what charges the impaired driver faces or if any civil action has been initiated yet.



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