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McIntosh County crash kills mother and daughter

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Most in Georgia likely believe that their own well-developed driving skills will help them to avoid accidents. While that may be true in many cases, one can never fully eliminate the potential of encountering a reckless driver on the road (at which point control over avoiding an accident may be taken completely out of their hands). Reckless drivers may often leave a great deal of devastation in their wake, including serious injuries and even fatalities on top of the damage they cause to others vehicles. Some such cases may require that accident victims seek legal action, either to secure adequate insurance coverage or collect damages from the responsible party.

Just such an accident was recently witnessed in McIntosh County. A man driving a Honda Accord reportedly struck a Volvo carrying four passengers. Those passengers exited the vehicle and stood on the shoulder of the road as they waited for help to arrive. Yet just minutes later, several other vehicles struck those already disabled by the accident. These multiple collisions ultimately resulted in the deaths of a mother and daughter.

The driver of the Accord that initiated the accident was found to have been driving under the influence and now faces criminal charges stemming from his role in the affair (with the most serious being two counts of homicide be vehicle). While those in the scenarios described earlier as potentially needing compensation may feel that they must wait from criminal proceedings to resolves themselves in cases like this, they should know that they can indeed commence their own actions even as authorities prosecute those responsible for their suffering. Those interested in seeking such action may first want to find themselves a good accident attorney.

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