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Proving who is to blame for tractor-trailer collisions

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

Most of the time, you would not be trying to prove that you were injured when you bring a civil suit in Georgia. Most injuries are often relatively easy to establish. This area of the law is much more frequently concerned with the topic of who is to blame for your injuries. At Sams, Larkin & Huff, LLP, in Marietta, we stand by our clients’ sides to make sure that the court knows who bears the real responsibility.

Establishing fault is essential to the process. That is because the parties that are liable for your losses are also usually responsible for paying any costs you incurred due to those injuries. However, in collisions with commercial vehicles, this liability could be more complicated than in other situations. Here is a brief explanation of how you might go about establishing this vital foundation of your personal injury law case.

Your initial action would probably be to examine the facts of your case in detail. Proving liability becomes much easier when you have elements such as witness testimony, records from the trucking company involved in the collision or even videos from dashboard cameras or other surveillance equipment. If you do not have immediate access to these types of documents or resources, it may be possible to collect them through various investigations or court actions. The evidence supporting your claim is probably out there — if you know how to collect it.

After you have the information you require, it is important to make sure that the details you collect align with the personal injury sections of the law. This step often involves a review of the data from a legal perspective. Someone with legal knowledge would examine each document or piece of testimony to look for evidence of negligence or malicious behavior on behalf of other parties involved in your collision.

At this point, you may find it beneficial to engage the help of expert witnesses. These professionals may have specialized knowledge of accident physics, truck mechanics or other specialized disciplines that could be useful to your case. Furthermore, many people who agree to act as expert witnesses have good communication skills that enable them to effectively transmit highly technical information to the other parties during negotiations or the judge during a trial.

After your evidence is assembled, analyzed and explained, you would probably be ready to begin the negotiation process. Please read more on our legal site.

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