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The controversy surrounding electronic logging devices

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

Residents who live in Georgia should have the right to feel safe when sharing the road or highway with a large commercial vehicle. They deserve to know that truckers are properly trained on how to safely operate their rigs. Part of this safe operation includes knowing when to take a break to avoid becoming fatigued while driving.

Business Insider explains that trucker fatigue has become something of a controversial topic in the last few years. For starters, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration enacted its Hours of Service rule that restricts the number of hours a driver can work or drive in a single day. It also outlines specific requirements for daily and workweek breaks.

For some time, the only way that a trucker’s time was tracked was via hardcopy logs. In an effort to update the record-tracking process and improve compliance with the Hours of Service rule, electronic systems were created. Now, Transport Topics indicates that there is a new type of these systems that all truckers and fleets will be required to switch to by the middle of December this year.

The new electronic logging devices track when a truck’s engine is on and can even distinguish when a truck is idling versus when it is moving. Truckers say the ELDs make it harder to do their job properly and some in the industry even say these devices have contributed to the increasing cost of consumer goods. Proponents of ELDs, however, tout the improved safety that people will see as a result of this implementation.




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