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Teen killed, 3 others injured in Cherokee County crash

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2018 | Car Accidents |

It may be rare to see a case where passengers traveling in a vehicle on Marietta’s roads are not familiar with its driver. People may tend to be forgiving of their acquaintances’ mistakes, preferring instead to be supportive and willing to help them work through things. However, there may be times when the consequences of a friend’s decision are so great that those affected by them have little choice but to seek action. Even in cases where it is shown that a friend may have been negligent, the decision to hold them accountable may not be any easier.

The family of a Cherokee County teen may soon be facing just such a decision. The young man was killed when the car carrying himself and three friends lost control, left the road and struck a tree. The driver of the vehicle and another passenger were also seriously injured in the accident; the third passenger escaped with only minor injuries. Authorities have yet to conclude their investigation into the crash, yet they feel confident enough in some aspects to say that excessive speed certainly played a factor.

There are some who might argue that when one agrees to travel as a passenger in a vehicle, they assume any risks that might arise from the driver’s actions. Yet ultimately, it is the driver who is responsible for the safety of their passengers. If and when  a car accident occurs that produce expenses that those passengers (and their families) are forced to deal with, it may be the driver who is determined to be liable. Those needing assistance in initiating a liability claim in such a scenario may first want to secure the services of an experienced attorney.

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