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Richmond Hill accident leaves one dead, others injured

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

Thanks to their massive size, the semi-trucks and tractor-trailers seen traveling on the roads in and around Georgia can cause extensive devastation if and when they are involved in accidents. For this reason, truck drivers are well-trained in the control of their vehicles. On top of that, they are versed in safe and defensive driving techniques, essentially assuming the added responsibility of protecting others from the risks their vehicles cause. A failure to fulfill that responsibility might result in tragedy, as well as added criminal and civil culpability being assigned to the responsible truck driver.

A recent multi-car crash in Richmond Hill may serve as a sad reminder of what might happen when a trucker’s apparent negligence affects others on the road. The vehicle in question was reportedly forced into the center lane of I-95 into order to avoid colliding with the slower-moving traffic ahead of it. This resulted in a collision with another semi-truck, which ultimately triggered a chain reaction that saw a nearby SUV pushed over a concrete barrier onto the adjacent railroad tracks, another SUV being rear-ended, and still a third being pinned against the concrete barrier and ultimately bursting into flames. Sadly, the woman driving the burning vehicle was unable to make it out. Her male passenger was (though he did sustain burns in the process), as did the driver of the vehicle thrown onto the train tracks.

Charges are said to be pending against the truck driver who caused the collision due to his speeding. In cases such as this, accident victims need not wait for criminal proceedings to play out in order to pursue a civil claim; such actions can occur simultaneously. Those looking to file such a claim may first want to secure the services of an experienced attorney.

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