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The outlook of america’s trucking industry

On Behalf of | May 2, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

As with most industries, the world of trucking has seen a myriad of changes over recent years. While a more diverse demographic now nearly dominates the industry, there are aspects of truck driving that do not change. Even with these changes, Georgia trucking employees know the typical challenges of the job all too well.

One aspect of trucking that has seen some major modifications involves the workers themselves. FleetOwner magazine shared last September that shifting demographics are changing truck driver management as a whole. How does this affect the average employee? FleetOwner goes on to state that, with an aging trucker population, the industry currently aims to attract younger employees, as well as women and minority groups. Possible approaches include offering higher pay, prolonged time with loved ones and extended personal outreach. At the time of the article’s release, roughly 40 percent of employees were minorities and about 6 percent were women.

Although the trucking industry is changing alongside shifting demographics, there are some parts of the job that many assume will never change. One of these challenges, according to Trucking Truth, involves demanding work schedules. Long hours are one side of the job that the industry currently seeks to improve, but meanwhile, countless employees struggle with exhaustion and monotonous roads. Trucking Truth points out that, while breaks can seem long enough, truckers often spend a large majority of breaks trying to find parking and adequate rest stops. This point leads to Trucking Truth’s last discussed topic: parking frustration. If there are no parking spaces in sight, a trucker simply must move on; truckers often spend a great deal of time stressing over finding a spot to take a break. Most industries have some level of difficulty employees must face on a regular basis, but the work ethic that truckers exhibit on the roads every day is one to be admired.


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