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How many crashes are caused by vehicle problems?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Traffic collisions have many different causes, such as distracted driving, drowsiness, intoxication, and carelessness, to name a few. However, some accidents are the result of vehicle problems, such as faulty brakes or a blown-out tire. Unfortunately, many people drive around in vehicles that are not safe and should not be on the road, putting innocent lives at risk and threatening their own well-being also. As a result, it is crucial for drivers to understand just how many accidents happen because of problems related to vehicles.

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration states that 15,000 motor vehicle crashes were estimated to have been caused by problems with tires between 2005 and 2007, according to data they collected. During this same time frame, an estimated 10,000 accidents involved brake problems, while an estimated 17,000 involved unknown or other vehicle problems. It is clear that problems with a vehicle play a major role in the number of motor vehicle crashes that happen every year.

Regrettably, these accidents often lead to debilitating injuries such as broken bones, brain damage, and many other injuries. Moreover, many lives have been lost in accidents that happened because of a vehicle that was not maintained properly or gave out on the road. These risks should serve as a reminder for drivers to have their vehicles inspected regularly and ensure that all parts are suitable for the road. Unfortunately, some do not, whether they cannot afford to fix their vehicle or are not aware that a certain part is in need of repair.

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