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Texting and driving: the grim facts

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Spreading awareness about the dangers of distracted driving is one matter; practicing safety while driving is another one entirely. Countless Georgia residents can admit to driving distracted at least once in their lives; most would not think twice about sending a quick text while stopped at a red light. The statistics, however, shed light on inherent dangers of this driving habit, and reveal that they are not as risk-free as some might assume.

Using a recent study, cycling enthusiast magazine Ice Bike shares that over 3,000 people die each day as a result of a car accident. Of the 2.5 million people in the country who become involved in road accidents each year, 1.6 million also involve cell phones. Unfortunately, so many of these accidents could have been prevented. Ice Bike is hardly the first to mention the dangers that come along with today’s era of technology: mobile phones have allowed for quicker networking, but also can lead to more hazardous driving. Ice Bike considers texting and driving to be an epidemic deserving of nationwide attention, stating that more states should adopt texting and driving laws to protect its citizens.

Over the last decade, a plethora of campaigns have sought to spread the word about texting and driving, and the lives that are subsequently at stake. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lists some quick facts related to texting and driving, noting that teenagers are the most notorious for this hazardous activity. The NHTSA has gone to extreme lengths to protect the nation’s drivers, imploring the public to discourage distracted driving on all levels. Concerned residents may speak out about local laws, start texting and driving pledges within families and carry out a number of other efforts in their communities to help spread awareness on this issue.




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