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Questions surround cause of fatal school bus accident

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Georgia residents who put their children in the safety of school administrators and employees should always know they are safe. This includes knowing that kids are safe when riding on a school bus to and from school or to and from school activities like field trips or extracurricular events. Sadly, crashes involving school buses can happen at any time and many things may be involved in the circumstances.

A tragic example of a school bus wreck happened recently in a very small community situated about an hour away from Savannah. A man in a passenger vehicle was driving along a road early one morning and saw a school bus that had come to a stop after hitting a tree head-on. He stopped to help the young children and discovered the driver in poor condition and one child dead. The little girl who died was only five years old. Another 21 students were taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Reports indicate that cameras showed the driver appearing to have problems with the gear shift on the bus. The morning of the crash was also noted to be particularly foggy. It is not known at this point if perhaps poor maintenance or other equipment problems contributed to the wreck or if perhaps weather conditions were to blame.

After a family’s child is involved in an accident with a school bus in Georgia, people might want to reach out to a lawyer for help seeking compensation and justice.

Source: ABC 7 Chicago, “Girl, 5, dead after school bus crashes into tree,” December 6, 2017

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