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Is there an underlying culprit to distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2017 | Car Accidents |

In today’s exciting technological era, new gadgets are quickly replaced by newer ones. With more accuracy, higher speeds and the appeal of connectivity, it comes as no surprise that technology dominates many areas of life. Yet by the same token, there are just as many concerns as there are praises. One of those concerns is the issue of distractedness. While Georgia officials worry over the climbing number of accidents due to cell phone use, could the real distraction be car gadgets themselves?

The New York Post seems to join in this concern. In an October 2017 article, they considered the ways that technology has contributed to distracted driving and, using a study from the University of Utah, concluded that some gadgets should not be used while driving at all. The reason? The amount of time that drivers take to tend to information systems such as SatNav is far too long to drive safely. Other activities, including programming navigation devices, adjusting audio entertainment and simply receiving text messages can contribute to distracted driving. The data from the study showed that devices such as SatNav may actually be more dangerous than texting and driving. Needless to say, the irony here is clear: despite efforts to make driving safer, these gadgets can ultimately compromise one’s safety practices while on the road.

Business Insider picks up on this risky trend; a 2015 piece uses a Nation Safety Council study to show that more than 25 percent of all car crashes in the country are likely a result of cell phone use. However, 21 percent of accidents in 2013 were caused by hand-held or hands-free devices. Regardless of whether Americans have come to terms with this fact, the study reveals that the last few years have seen a rapid increase in the number of phone or device-related crashes. Although popular devices can be hard to pass up, doing so while driving can make the difference between a normal trip and a tragic accident.







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