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Common causes of truck driver exhaustion

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2017 | Truck Accidents |

Everyday workers are not the only types of individuals in Georgia who suffer from exhaustion while driving; truckers are also known to operate their vehicles while not completely alert. Long shifts are typically the first to blame in such situations, but is there another exhaustion factor at play?

Of course, accidents are the main concern when it comes to driving while tired. CVN News announced a safe driver event currently taking place in Georgia to help spread awareness of cautious driving practices. An annual traffic enforcement initiative, the Safe Driver Week focuses on identifying unsafe driving practices with the hopes of reducing the number of accidents on the road. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance sponsors the event that also extends its reach to large trucks and buses. During this week specifically, motor carrier compliance officers will pay special attention to drivers who are texting, driving fatigued, distracted or aggressive — and will not hesitate to issue citations to drivers.

If a trucker is driving erratically due to exhaustion, they naturally pose a risk to themselves and all other drivers on the road. An article in Fleet Owner, a magazine that focuses on commercial-trucking fleets, claims that there are more sides to exhaustion than many might think. Using a study that spans over 30 years, Fleet Owner goes on to share that exhaustion (otherwise known as “burnout”) is a multifaceted problem in the trucking industry, where physical and mental tiredness are only the beginning. Cynicism about the job is the second phase of a burnout, as apathy toward one’s profession is another clear sign of exhaustion. The third component is the loss of confidence in abilities and skill. According to Fleet Owner, these three components define “burnout” and are major warning signs that a driver is not well enough to perform duties. Whether it is sheer fatigue, cynicism, loss of confidence or all three, experts in the industry warn truckers to maintain their health before anything else.

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