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Georgia is among the worst states for traffic deaths

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2017 | Car Accidents |

A fatal car accident in Georgia can be devastating. Families of those killed in motor vehicle crashes are often left in deep emotional turmoil, wondering if the crash could have been prevented. Many also find themselves struggling financially after the crash.

It turns out that, compared to many other states, Georgia had a high number of such fatal accidents in 2016. Over 1,500 people were killed in the state last year because of motor vehicle crashes, making it the state with the fourth highest number of fatalities. The state with the highest number was Texas, which saw 3,751 traffic deaths. More than 150 people have reportedly been killed in car accidents in Georgia so far in 2017.

Authorities attribute the high number of accident deaths to a few different factors. One issue that is affecting drivers around the country is distracted driving. Many fatal accidents could be prevented by people paying closer to attention to the road instead of their phones and other distractions. Speed also likely played a factor in many of the crashes. Changing lanes is also a danger, as it accounted for 917 of the deaths last year. Some of the fatalities could also have been prevented by more widespread seat belt use.

When someone dies in a traffic collision, his or her loved ones may have a hard time dealing with the lingering financial and emotional costs. Those who have lost a loved one to a fatal car accident may wish to contact an experienced attorney.

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