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Some blame smartphones and millennials for rise in traffic deaths

Getting behind the wheel of a car in Marietta is always a risky proposition. However, the statistics are in for 2016 and it appears that driving today is becoming riskier. According to Consumer Affairs, the number of traffic deaths across the country have risen nearly 14 percent over the last two years. This coincides with the widespread use of smartphones, some point out.

These numbers are somewhat surprising considering the number of safety features that new cars come with. They may also hit people hard financially, as insurance premiums are on the rise due to distracted drivers causing so many accidents.

It appears that one generation in particular is producing the largest number of bad drivers, reports Business Insider. Those drivers between the age of 19 and 39, often dubbed “millennials,” have reported engaging in the most risky driving behaviors, including smartphone use. In fact, one study found that of drivers in that age bracket, 88 percent reported running a red light, speeding or texting while driving in the previous 30 days. While people of other generations are also guilty of these things, millennials were reportedly the worst.

It seems logical that smartphones would play a part in these statistics since young drivers have always had a tendency to drive too fast and not stop for red lights. It was also alarming that many millennials did not think that their bad driving behaviors were unacceptable. While the advent of self-driving cars may eventually drive the number of traffic fatalities back down, in the meantime, curbing smartphone use while driving may be the only solution.

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