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Prevent a motorcycle crash by sharing the road with trucks

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Like many other motorcyclists, the spring and summer weather probably has you excited to hit the road. However, the large trucks that can be found on many Georgia highways can be intimidating to share the road with. At Sams, Larkin & Huff, LLP, we understand that safety is important to you. Here are some tips on how avoid danger while navigating the highway.

Riding on a motorcycle makes you one of the smallest vehicles on the road. On the other hand, semis are some of the largest trucks around. Therefore, you should take extra caution when passing a truck. A good rule of thumb is to wait to pass until you can see the driver in the truck’s side-view mirror, according to Clutch & Chrome. In addition, trucks have very large blind spots. Truck drivers have an easier time seeing vehicles to their left since that is the side of the truck they are sitting on. Therefore, it is safer for you to pass a truck on its left side than its right side.

Finally, you may already know that leaving a safe distance between yourself and cars on the road is important. However, when it comes to trucks, keeping a safe distance is even more crucial. If you are riding behind the truck, you will want to leave enough space so that you can react to any sudden movements or obstacles in the road. If you are traveling in front of a truck, keep in mind that trucks need a lot more space to stop than other vehicles, so be sure to leave plenty of distance between you and the truck.

Following these tips will help you keep you safer and hopefully avoid an accident that could cause serious damage. When it comes to crashes, size matters and being on a motorcycle puts you at a distinct disadvantage when up against a big-rig. For more information on crashes involving motorcycles, please visit our web page.

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