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After a crash, your injuries could be more serious than you think

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Every collision between motor vehicles has the potential to result in serious damage to property and people. In many cases, accident injuries are easy to see and/or diagnose; brain trauma, broken bones and lacerations are often immediately noticeable. However, not all injuries are visible and many may not even seem concerning at first.

For example, many people experience whiplash in a crash and assume that it is nothing to worry about. While many people do recover from whiplash fairly quickly, others can suffer serious health problems and pain that gets worse over time and lingers on long after the crash.

Whiplash is suffered when the head is jerked backward then forward quickly due to an external force. It is commonly experienced by people who have been hit in a rear-end collision.

As noted by Mayo Clinic, many people are able to recover from whiplash by getting rest, taking pain medication and using various stretching exercises. 

However, other people are not so lucky. They experience more severe symptoms like memory problems, blurred vision, headaches and pain that gets worse over time and lasts for months or even years. For these people, treatment can be much more intensive and could involve physical therapy, powerful painkillers and even surgery. 

Other types of accident injuries can seem minor or non-existent at first only to get worse and more painful over time. This could include emotional trauma and back pain as well as joint or nerve damage. Seeing a doctor after an accident, even if you think your injuries are nothing to worry about, can be crucial in helping you recover physically and emotionally from a crash.

It can also be important to seek legal guidance as well. Discussing the incident with an attorney to learn more about your options to pursue compensation can help you recover financially from the accident.

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