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Missing woman found dead after car falls into ravine

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2015 | Car Accidents |

A woman from Yulee went missing, and friends and family members hoped she would be fine when she was found, but they got bad news on November 20. The young woman had been involved in a car accident, and she had passed away. She was only 19 years old.

The accident took days to discover because the car had left the road and gone down a ravine. The authorities were not even the ones to find it; in the end, it was a woman who was using the area for horseback riding who saw the car and called it in. When the authorities arrived, they found that the young woman was still in the vehicle and had died.

The accident happened in Kingsland, Georgia, out on Clark’s Bluff Road. Interestingly, the family though she was in Camden County before the car was found, and they put out fliers saying so, asking people to help look for her.

The family also thinks that another vehicle may have been involved, though police originally thought the woman just missed the turn and drove into the ravine. For one thing, there are reports from the area about cars driving far faster than the posted 45 miles per hour, and one person said people would also drive ATVs down the road. Additionally, the family noted that the accident site had four tire tracks, not just two, and they speculated that perhaps someone else had been there and then driven off.

Police are still looking into it, though they also said that a sliding car can sometimes leave a track from all four tires when it turns, instead of only leaving two tracks.

Those who have lost loved ones in car accidents may be able to seek compensation if another driver was at fault.

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