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Where to look for liability after a serious truck accident

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2015 | Truck Accidents |

Accidents involving large commercial-sized vehicles often have catastrophic results for the victims who are involved. People can suffer permanent, life-changing injuries; in too many cases, the injuries prove to be fatal.

After these types of crashes, victims or the loved ones they leave behind often have many questions that they want answered: What happened? Who is to blame? How can I rebuild my life after such a devastating incident? With guidance in filing a legal, you can find the answers you deserve.

Figuring out what exactly happened can be trickier than people realize. It’s not always as easy as just stating that someone ran a red light or was speeding. You may need to track down maintenance records, log books, police reports and accident reconstruction findings to determine what factor or factors specifically caused a collision.

These details can also help to determine liability. Maintenance records and hiring documents could reveal that the trucking company failed to comply with state and federal trucking regulations. Cellphone records, chemical testing and log book entries could lead to allegations that the trucker was distracted, drunk or drowsy. Witness statements and official police records could indicate that another party may have been liable.

Armed with these answers, you and your attorney can pursue compensation for the considerable damages you may have been suffered, from physical injuries to emotional distress. Money awarded in these claims can help people cope with the aftermath of a tragic accident and make it a little easier to try and move forward.

Our attorneys understand that this can all sound overwhelming, especially when you are already dealing with so much grief and anxiety after a serious accident. However, we have helped people all across Georgia find some closure and justice after these types of crashes and we can discuss your options with you. For more information, you can visit our webpage on trucking accidents.

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