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Rash of deadly truck accidents on I-16 sparking media outcry

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2015 | Truck Accidents |

Interstate 16 through Georgia is proving to be a deadly stretch of road. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that there have been three deadly crashes involving semitractor-trailer trucks in the past two months. The headline of the story asks, “When does it stop?”

The latest crash happened last Friday. According to The Associated Press, three people were killed when a tanker truck crashed into the back of a car. The collision happened in Treutlen County, east of Macon. Officials say the force of the impact sent both vehicles over the median into oncoming lanes.

The three people killed were all from the car. The 56-year-old truck driver was hospitalized in unknown condition. No decision on possible charges has been made pending the conclusion of an investigation.

That’s also the story authorities offer in regard to a fiery crash May 19 that left five people dead. That crash happened west of Savannah. Officials say a semi plowed into cars that were halted in construction. The truck driver was not hurt. Authorities say trucker fatigue is thought to be a possible cause, but no charges have been filed as this is written.

And readers may recall that back in April a multi-vehicle pileup involving two semis claimed the lives of five Georgia Southern University nursing students. Two others were injured. There’s no word about charges being filed in this case, either.

There is a sign that state officials appreciate that there is mounting concern over the number of accidents due to reckless or negligent truckers. The governor recently announced a plan to hire 60 additional enforcement officers to beef up patrols in areas of the state known to be “high crash corridors.”

Some who have lost loved ones might be forgiven if they feel the action is too little, too late.

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