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All vehicles, great and small, get into serious accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2015 | Truck Accidents |

A look out the window today might not prompt anyone in Georgia to think about heading out for a ride in or on any sort of vehicle, much less a recreational vehicle. The whole northwest part of the state is under weather alert. Forecasts across much of the south call for ice and sleet conditions, making movement potentially hazardous, even on foot.

Still, the availability of some free time this weekend may be an attraction that a lot of folks can’t ignore. What this seems to call for is a greater level of care and consideration on the part of anyone who decides to take to the road or trails that get used by all-terrain vehicle riders.

Another driver’s brief moment of negligence or one piece of faulty equipment that gives way unexpectedly can result in not just serious injury, but catastrophic harm. Traumatic back or brain injuries could leave a person permanently disabled. In the worst cases, a victim could die.

And considering that many dune buggies, ATVs and dirt bikes get used on land maintained and then opened to users by private owners, there is the possibility that the cause of accidents might be due to poor upkeep or bad designs.

Large vehicles like motor homes and fifth wheels are not immune to problems, either. If anything, they could be even more of a concern. Vehicles that sit unused for long periods of time can have defects that only come to light after it’s too late. If the unit is a rental, the user can only trust that the vehicle has been properly maintained.

Regardless of the type of vehicles involved, when accidents occur, the value of an independent investigation shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s wise to consult with an attorney with insight into personal injury and how the insurance industry works. 

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