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What are the chances for truck safety improvements?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2015 | Truck Accidents |

Truck safety isn’t one of those topics that captures a lot of headlines. That does not mean it isn’t on peoples’ minds, however. Back in December, we posted about how a simple design change that would add just $100 to the cost of manufacturing big-rig trailers is widely viewed as something that would save a lot of lives when smaller vehicles slam into the rear of semis.

Indeed, that adjustment is something that the National Transportation Safety Board has declared as one safety improvement among several that it would most like to see required in 2015. Whether that will happen is hard to gauge. There are many interests putting their two cents worth into the debate, including the trucking industry.

That issues with truck design and maintenance continue to be a source of concern can’t be disputed. Injury- or death-causing accidents involving commercial vehicles are all too common. And because of the nature of interstate commerce, oversight and accountability can be a daunting task.

Still, those who have suffered loss of any kind have a right to seek compensation. And working with an attorney who looks out for your interests, rather than some corporation’s, can be crucial to achieving the best outcome.

It is not unusual for faulty maintenance on a semitrailer truck to be identified as a cause when accidents happen. In others, it can be due to improper management of the load.

Both issues may have played a role in an accident earlier this week in Bulloch County. Officials say a semi’s trailer was top heavy to begin with and that when a tire blew on the vehicle, it overturned. Fortunately, no one was hurt. But it’s easy to imagine the kind of disaster that could have been.

Source: WTOC-TV, “GSP investigates semi rollover crash on GA SR 119 in Bulloch County,” Feb. 2, 2015

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