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Representation And Litigation In Municipal Land Use

Municipal land use is a complicated matter that dictates the present and future uses of a specific area of land. One of the most common uses of municipal land use is establishing a control over the land that prevents any kind of resource misallocation. If you are facing a dispute involving municipal law issues, having an attorney that understands these laws and also knows how to use them to your advantage is a serious benefit towards your goal.

At Sams, Larkin & Huff, LLP, we have extensive experience involving municipal law and representing clients who need help in both defending their best interests and navigating this complex legal arena.

Comprehensive Knowledge Of Georgia Municipal Law

It is important to keep aware of growing trends regarding municipality law. With the rise of internet and cell phone services we offer experienced advice regarding any and all telecommunications issues regarding compliance with the FCC, and the establishment of equipment such as underground wiring or cellular towers.

While it is always ideal to resolve any sort of civil dispute outside of litigation, that does not mean that we are not prepared to exercise our experience in litigation for your benefit. We will not be intimidated by complicated legal issues or the lawyers of big businesses or government.

Turn To Us To Resolve Your Municipal Land Use Dispute

We are based in Georgia, and in addition to private businesses, our attorneys have advised several county and municipal governments and state agencies. We have been recognized by our peers for the depth of knowledge we possess regarding land use, and we have led seminars on zoning issues, eminent domain and municipal law matters for professional audiences.

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