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Tips For Sharing The Road With Motorcyclists

When sharing the road with bikers, other motorists need to maintain adequate space, use extra caution and look twice.

Motorcyclists in Georgia and other parts of the country tend to have a higher safety risk than people traveling in larger vehicles. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, for every mile traveled, people who ride motorbikes have a 28 times higher risk of dying than those who drive cars. Part of this higher risk is associated with the smaller stature of a motorcycle and the lack of protection provided. Everyone who uses the road, whether in a car or on a bike, should know how to properly share the space.

Maintain Space

Some people may not realize that the small motorcycle still needs plenty of space on the road. Car drivers may follow bikes too closely or try to share a lane. However, motorcyclists should be given the same amount of space as any other vehicle on the road. If someone needs to pass a rider, he or she should completely leave the traveling lane to get around the bike before returning to the correct lane.

In some cases, drivers should give bikers even more space. This is especially true when following a bike because motorcycles can stop much quicker than the average vehicle. If a truck follows a cycle too closely, the driver may not have enough time to step on the brakes, which can result in a potentially deadly fender bender for the motorcyclist.

Use Caution

Drivers always need to remain vigilant when out on the road. Whether it is likely for a motorcyclist to be out or not, vehicle operators should check their blind spots carefully before making a lane change. Other times when caution should be used include the following:

  • Making turns.
  • Merging into highway traffic.
  • Leaving a driveway.

All road users need to use caution on the road to keep other drivers and passengers safe. Staying completely focused on the road may help reduce the chance of a traffic incident.

Look Twice

Because of the small size of a motorcycle, drivers may miss the fast-moving object. No matter the weather, vehicle operators should look twice before making a turn or changing lanes. This is especially important on nice days during warmer months, but some avid motorcyclists may head out on the road regardless of a slight chill or a bit of rain. Taking an extra look for bikers can help reduce the chances of a motorcycle-related crash.

The warmth in Georgia makes the state a great place for motorcyclists to get out and ride for much of the year, but they may still have some safety risks. If a vehicle collision does take place, it may be beneficial to work with an attorney familiar with this type of personal injury case.