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Property Condemnation and Eminent Domain

Georgia Property Rights Lawyer

Protect Your Interests if Your Property in Marietta, Atlanta or North Georgia is Condemned by Eminent Domain

At Sams, Larkin, Huff & Balli in Marietta, our experience with advising residential and business clients, including tenants and other lease holders, in condemnation and eminent domain proceedings can help protect the value of your property rights. If you need advice about the best ways to negotiate a fair price to compensate you for the impact of a public taking of your home or business, contact one of our lawyers.

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Eminent domain, or condemnation as it's often known, is the right of federal, state or local government to force the sale of private property for a public purpose — highway construction, schools or hospitals, or more controversially, other private purposes intended to expand a declining tax base.

If you are faced with the threat of condemnation or eminent domain, the first problem is to develop a good sense of the value of your property and then negotiate with the government land acquisition agent to achieve it. For business owners, another problem is to quantify the lasting impact of direct or indirect condemnation to develop a reasonable demand for the loss of value to your business.

Our law firm's experience with eminent domain allows us to present your case in convincing terms for all aspects of your projected loss, from loss of the value of land and buildings to relocation costs, loss of access, and other adverse consequences you can expect as a result of public infrastructure development, either on your own property or on land close enough by to affect the value of your property rights. More importantly, the pairing of our trial and transactional skills allows us to get involved on your behalf at the very early stages of the process. We encourage you to contact us as soon as you hear that a government entity is interested in your property so we can help you take the proper steps to enhance the value of your property and to minimize the impact that the taking will have on your home and business.

We represent clients in eminent domain cases at every stage from negotiations to trials of disputed values in superior court. It's useful to engage counsel early, because your bargaining strength will be strongest in the earliest stages of the process and in some cases we are able to negotiate changes to the project that make it less intrusive on you. To learn more about our experience with property condemnation in North Georgia, contact an attorney at Sams, Larkin, Huff & Balli in Marietta.