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Marietta Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

How can I help my teen driver stay safe on the road?

If you have a teenager with a driver’s license in Marietta, you probably worry about him or her every time they get behind the wheel. Parents want to keep their kids as safe as possible and when children gain the ability to drive, it can be very scary. It turns out that one of the best ways you can teach your child to be a safe and responsible driver is by modeling good driving behaviors yourself.

According to the Huffington Post, many parents are not setting good examples for their teens. It then becomes difficult to stress how important safe driving is when a child sees his or her parent not sticking to the same of rules he or she is expected to follow.

New study finds drugged driving more dangerous than drunk driving

Any time a person who is impaired by drugs or alcohol gets behind the wheel in Marietta, they are putting themselves and everyone else on the road at risk. While drunk driving is a pervasive problem in this country and is given much attention by law enforcement and the media, the issue of drugged driving has flown mostly under the radar.

A controversial new study has found that more people who were killed in car accidents in 2015 were on drugs than were under the influence of alcohol. Some are crying foul and calling this conclusion misleading since of those killed, only 57 percent were even tested for drugs. The practice of testing drivers for drugs varies from state to state. Of the people who tested positive for drugs, 9 percent showed amphetamine usage. Marijuana was the most common drug found, showing up on 35 percent of the positive tests.

Why is it important to stay right except to pass?

If you have ever driven on one of Georgia’s many multi-lane highways, you may have observed a driver who stubbornly remained in the left lane despite the fact that the other cars on the road were going much faster. This practice is considered illegal in many states. In Georgia, the law says that cars going slower than the rest of the traffic on the road should keep right. In fact, violation of this law is actually considered a misdemeanor, according to Vox.

You may be under the impression that drivers who speed are the cause of many accidents on the road. However, many accidents actually result from cars traveling at different speeds in different lanes. For example, some highways in Germany have high or no speed limits but have fewer accidents and fatalities because lane maintenance is strictly enforced.

A look at the pros and cons of requiring speed limiters in trucks

The trucking industry is a vital part of the economy for people in Georgia and across the country. Retailers and consumers still heavily rely on trucks to transport goods using the nation’s highways. However, safety is a concern for many who must share the road with these large vehicles, as crashes involving tractor trailers are often extremely serious for smaller cars and trucks.

That is why the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has proposed the installation of speed limiters on certain trucks, according to However, some believe that the negatives of controlling how fast trucks can travel far outweigh the positives.

New law proposes to curb phone distraction

In order to drive safely in Marietta, drivers should ensure that they are paying attention to the road at all times. However, many people are easily distracted, particularly by their cell phones. Distracted driving can lead to serious accidents and it is a problem that is preventable.

That is why one Georgia lawmaker is supporting a bill that would attach a fine to anyone caught using a cell phone with their hands while they are driving, reports WSBTV. Drivers would still be able to use their phones with a hands-free device. It is already illegal to send text messages while driving but this bill would make any hand-held use illegal. Despite having been proposed in the past, similar bills were unable to pass. This current iteration is headed to the House for vote after successfully passing in committee.

Georgia is among the worst states for traffic deaths

A fatal car accident in Marietta can be devastating. Families of those killed in motor vehicle crashes are often left in deep emotional turmoil, wondering if the crash could have been prevented. Many also find themselves struggling financially after the crash.

It turns out that, compared to many other states, Georgia had a high number of such fatal accidents in 2016. Over 1,500 people were killed in the state last year because of motor vehicle crashes, making it the state with the fourth highest number of fatalities. The state with the highest number was Texas, which saw 3,751 traffic deaths. More than 150 people have reportedly been killed in car accidents in Georgia so far in 2017.

Some blame smartphones and millennials for rise in traffic deaths

Getting behind the wheel of a car in Marietta is always a risky proposition. However, the statistics are in for 2016 and it appears that driving today is becoming riskier. According to Consumer Affairs, the number of traffic deaths across the country have risen nearly 14 percent over the last two years. This coincides with the widespread use of smartphones, some point out.

These numbers are somewhat surprising considering the number of safety features that new cars come with. They may also hit people hard financially, as insurance premiums are on the rise due to distracted drivers causing so many accidents.

Study finds traffic deaths decrease with legal medical marijuana

There has been much debate in recent years over the legalization of marijuana. A few states and cities have chosen to allow public use of the drug or have decriminalized its possession. Even more have acknowledged its value in treating certain medical conditions. In fact, Reuters reports that medical marijuana first became legal in 1996 and that it has subsequently been legalized in 28 states.

Marijuana is known to affect a person’s ability to drive, similar to alcohol. It is surprising to learn, therefore, that a recent study found that the number of deaths caused by traffic accidents have actually decreased in areas where medical marijuana was legalized. The largest age group of registered users of medical marijuana is people between 25 and 44. The number of fatalities for that age group decreased by 12 percent. Overall, the number of fatalities across the nation decreased 11 percent over a 20-year period.

Large verdict handed down for truck accident survivor

Traffic accidents in Marietta can be scary and damaging enough, but crashes that involve large tractor-trailers are often extremely dangerous and sometimes even fatal. Those who are lucky enough to survive such truck accidents are often left with huge medical bills and life-changing injuries.

A Georgia jury recently awarded the survivor of a horrific truck accident $15 million.  after the trucking company that employed the driver was found responsible in a civil trial. The truck driver had previously been found criminally liable for the crash. The highly-publicized accident involved seven cars and occurred when the truck driver failed to notice that traffic had come to a stop. It is estimated that he was driving 70 miles per hour at the time of the accident.

Car makers using new technologies to reduce rear-end collisions

Getting hit from behind by a careless driver in Marietta can be an unpleasant experience. In addition to damage to the vehicles, head and neck injuries from rear-end collisions are likely to occur and can even be quite serious. Unfortunately, these types of accidents are commonplace. According to Safe Braking, rear-end collisions account for 28 percent of all accidents. Therefore, car manufacturers are looking for ways to decrease the number of these types of crashes.

The main way they are doing so is by implementing new technology such as automatic braking systems. According to the Verge, with automatic emergency braking, the car will sense when a collision is possible and will apply the brakes directly, without any input by the driver.

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