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Car Accidents Archives

Passengers increase the risk of accident for teen drivers

Parents of teen drivers in Georgia would be wise to prohibit their children from driving with passengers in their car. According to USA Today, a study of 16 to 17-year old drivers found that not only did the presence of passengers in the teens' cars increase the risk of being in an accident, the risk actually increased further proportional to the number of passengers in the car.

Improper tire maintenance increases risk of accident

Georgia drivers should keep their tires maintained if they want to reduce their chances of being involved in a crash. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 11,000 car accidents each year are caused by tire failure. As the spring weather gets warmer in Georgia, the heat can play a major role in a vehicle's tire performance. Exposure to high temperatures and repeated driving on hot roads can cause tires to wear down faster than they normally would. Worn tires can lead to such problems as under-inflation, tire blowouts and tread separation.

Study: Drivers distracted in 68 percent of crashes

It should not come as a surprise to any driver that distraction can be deadly behind the wheel. Enormous efforts have been made to raise awareness and educate drivers about the risks of distracted driving, and laws in Georgia specifically prohibit texting while driving. Some drivers are prohibited from using a cellphone in any capacity.

Distracted driving in Georgia: What you should know

Georgia law bans texting while driving for all drivers, and bus drivers and teen drivers are prohibited from using cell phones for any purpose while behind the wheel. The reality, though, is that many motorists continue to put lives at risk by ignoring distracted driving laws, and victims deserve full and fair compensation after being injured by a distracted driver.

After a crash, your injuries could be more serious than you think

Every collision between motor vehicles has the potential to result in serious damage to property and people. In many cases, accident injuries are easy to see and/or diagnose; brain trauma, broken bones and lacerations are often immediately noticeable. However, not all injuries are visible and many may not even seem concerning at first.

What types of damages may be awarded after a car crash?

After a car accident, you can take legal action to hold the party responsible for the crash accountable. In many cases, you and your attorney will be able to secure a settlement without having to go through a trial through negotiation. In other cases, the award of damages will be left up to the courts.

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