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Car Accidents Archives

Will self-driving cars eliminate distracted driving deaths?

It is very likely that when technology progresses to the point that vehicles can drive fully autonomously, without any input from a human, fatalities from distracted driving will go down enormously. They may even be eliminated altogether.

Drunk driving continues to be a widespread problem

Despite legislative efforts by the government and widespread public awareness campaigns, drunk driving remains a huge problem across the United States and some experts think more could be done to prevent fatal crashes involving alcohol. While the overall number of people killed in drunk driving accidents has decreased over the last several decades, according to the Washington Post, approximately one-third of accident deaths today are still alcohol-related.

Man who caused 3-car crash believed to be high on drugs

Georgia residents who have been involved in a car accident know how frustrating it can be when the accident was not their fault. Drivers who get behind the wheel while they are intoxicated are a danger to the other people on the road and it is often innocent bystanders who pay the price for their recklessness.

Being drowsy is a dangerous form of impaired driving

Despite all the attention given to the dangers of driving while impaired, it still remains one of the most dangerous yet common driving offenses in Georgia. Most of that attention is focused on distracted driving and alcohol and drugs. This is with good reason, as the Governor’s Highway Safety Association reports that alcohol plays a role in almost 35% of all deadly crashes.

What are some ways to make riding a motorcycle safer?

When you are riding your motorcycle on Georgia’s roads, you want to make sure that you are being as safe as possible in order to avoid getting into an accident. Even minor accidents involving motorcycles can result in serious injuries or even be fatal. Luckily, there are a few key steps that you can take that will ensure your ride is as safe as can be.

Pedestrian deaths in Georgia are on the rise

As a pedestrian, you face many dangers when you navigate Georgia’s roads. While crowded city streets can make walking perilous, sparsely populated rural routes can pose just as much of a threat. At Sams, Larkin, Huff & Balli, LLP we understand that pedestrian safety is important to you no matter what type of road you are traveling on.

A look at Georgia’s distracted driving law

Currently in Georgia, the law permits drivers to use their cell phones for talking only. Should a driver get caught using it for texting or any other reason, the penalties are not especially significant. Georgia, some argue, could greatly benefit from a stricter law when it comes to distracted driving in general and cell phone use in particular.

Prevent a motorcycle crash by sharing the road with trucks

Like many other motorcyclists, the spring and summer weather probably has you excited to hit the road. However, the large trucks that can be found on many Georgia highways can be intimidating to share the road with. At Sams, Larkin, Huff & Balli, LLP, we understand that safety is important to you. Here are some tips on how avoid danger while navigating the highway.

Social media app takes distracted driving to a new level

Distracted driving is a huge issue facing drivers in Georgia these days. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that eight people are killed by distracted driving every day in this country. It seems like common sense to most people to refrain from texting and using social media while driving.  But what if an app actually encouraged someone to drive recklessly?

Do higher speed limits cause more accidents?

According to some recent research, it appears that they do. As reported by CBS News, as speed limits have increased in recent years, more fatal car accidents have occurred. It is only logical to assume that the faster you are traveling when you get into an accident, the more severe the crash will be.

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