Day Care Liability/Child Injury

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Day care providers are trusted every day by thousands of parents across the country to care for their children. Providing a safe place for children to learn and play is central to a day care provider's duties. Unfortunately, children do get hurt at day care, leaving parents wondering if injuries were intentional or accidental and if they have any options for taking action against the day care provider. Contact Sams, Larkin, Huff & Balli in Marietta today to discuss your case.

Protect Your Rights After A Day Care Injury

Our personal injury attorneys have experience handling all types of cases, including day care liability, which often falls under the heading of premises liability. We examine all aspects of your case, including the cause of your child's injury and how it occurred.

Effectively Representing Parents And Their Injured Children

We will work hard to see that your rights and those of your children are protected. Our firm will investigate the case to determine the cause of your child's injury. From minor to severe and resulting from falls, slips, unsanitary conditions and intentional actions, we handle cases involving all types of injuries such as:

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We are sensitive to the needs of parents who are dealing with a child injury that occurred at day care. Let us help you seek compensation and justice for the losses you have suffered. Please email or call us at 770-884-4819 to schedule a meeting with a lawyer.